Francois Rochon's Portfolio

Giverny Capital 13F holdings

What is Francois Rochon's portfolio?

Giverny Capital has disclosed a total of 57 security holdings in their (2023 Q3) SEC 13F filing(s) with portfolio value of $1,841,076,816.

What stocks does Francois Rochon own?

In Francois Rochon's portfolio as of 30 Sep 2023, the top 5 holdings are (BRK.B) BERKSHIRE HATHAWAY INC CL-B (9.06%), (AME) AMETEK INC (7.20%), (MKL) MARKEL CORP (6.76%), (GOOG) ALPHABET INC-CL C (6.49%) and (KMX) CARMAX INC (5.84%).

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Portfolio value: $1,841M+
Period: 2023 Q3
Number of stock: 57
Update: 13 Nov 2023
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