Mohnish Pabrai's Portfolio

Dalal Street 13F holdings

What is Mohnish Pabrai's portfolio?

Dalal Street has disclosed a total of 2 security holdings in their (2022 Q2) SEC 13F filing(s) with portfolio value of $100,838,000.

What stocks does Mohnish Pabrai own?

In Mohnish Pabrai's portfolio as of 30 Jun 2022, the 2 holdings are (MU) MICRON TECHNOLOGY INC (99.98%) and (SRG) SERITAGE GROWTH PROP- A REIT (0.02%).

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Portfolio value: $100M+
Period: 2022 Q2
Number of stock: 2
Update: 12 Aug 2022
102.48% $111.93
74.00% $9.28
-81.71% (-15,076)
2 of 2

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