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We believe the sell-off is overdone, triggering BAC's stock declines by -15.54% at the time of writing, near its pre-pandemic levels. Anyone concerned about a spreading contagion to BAC might be well assured, with $15B of deposits flowing in recently.

Seeking Alpha 2023 Mar 18
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The nation's banking giants will be beneficiaries of the industry's turmoil. They have cheap stocks, and hefty dividend yields.

Barrons 2023 Mar 17
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"I don't think this is good for America," Bill Ackman tweeted.

New York Post 2023 Mar 17
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Eleven large U.S. banks are making uninsured deposits totaling $30 billion into First Republic Bank.

PYMNTS 2023 Mar 16
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The collapse of Silicon Valley Bank has caused major concerns about the stability of lesser-known regional banks.

Forbes 2023 Mar 16
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Eleven banks deposit a combined $30 billion into First Republic Bank in a move to stabilize the regional bank amid financial system woes.

Yahoo Finance 2023 Mar 16
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A rescue of First Republic by big banks wouldn't put to bed emerging questions about the banking system.

WSJ 2023 Mar 16
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America's largest lenders are reportedly considering a plan to rescue the embattled First Republic Bank. JPMorgan Chase, Bank of America and Wells Fargo are working together to offer a capital infusion to the struggling bank, the Wall Street Journal (WSJ) reported Thursday (March 15), citing unnamed sources.

PYMNTS 2023 Mar 16
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First Republic Bank was caught in the wake of Silicon Valley Bank's collapse over the weekend and saw its shares plunge earlier this week. Shares were rebounding as this new development emerged.

TechCrunch 2023 Mar 16
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Analysts at JP Morgan (NYSE: JPM) said yesterday that up to $2 trillion in liquidity could be added to the US banking system, as reported by Bloomberg.

MarketBeat 2023 Mar 16
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