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COPART INC 13F holders

3 value investing gurus have made changes to the COPART INC (CPRT) position according to the gurus' latest SEC quarterly report(s). The number of CPRT shares has been increased by 2, decreased by 1 super investor(s).

Which gurus or hedge funds are buying CPRT now?

According to the latest SEC filing(s) COPART INC (CPRT) has been bought by 2 gurus: Henry Ellenbogen - Durable Capital Partners (added shares +55.04%) and Nicolai Tangen - AKO Capital (added shares +32.32%).

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2020 Q2 (2 results)
Eric H. Schoenstein
David Rolfe
Current price: $54.29 34.80% AVG reported price*: $83.27
2020 Q1 (2 results)
Eric H. Schoenstein
David Rolfe
Current price: $54.29 20.72% AVG reported price*: $68.48
2019 Q4 (1 result)
David Rolfe
Current price: $54.29 40.30% Reported price*: $90.93
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