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FedEx (FDX) has received quite a bit of attention from Zacks.com users lately. Therefore, it is wise to be aware of the facts that can impact the stock's prospects.

Zacks Investment Research 2023 Mar 30
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March 31 is approaching, and it's unclear how effective FedEx Corp. (NYSE: FDX) has been in its push to convince UPS (NYSE: UPS) shippers to move business over by the end of this month to ensure their goods will get priority treatment in the event of a Teamsters union strike this summer against UPS. It is too early for many UPS shippers to get scared that their volumes will get stuck in the event that 350,000 Teamsters walk off the job Aug. 1 without a contract being agreed upon, said Satish Jindel, CEO of ShipMatrix Inc., a consultancy.

FreightWaves 2023 Mar 28
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FedEx will close its heavy maintenance hangar at Los Angeles International Airport next summer and consolidate operations in Indianapolis to reduce costs, ending a piece of aviation history rooted in the acquisition of Flying Tiger Line 35 years ago. The company said the decision to terminate maintenance activity at the LAX hangar was triggered by the expiration of the lease in June 2024, creating the opportunity to gain cost savings by combining resources at the Indianapolis hub.

FreightWaves 2023 Mar 24
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The "Halftime Report" traders give their top picks to watch for the second half.

CNBC Television 2023 Mar 23
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Strong liquidity position and pro-investor steps boost FedEx Corp (FDX). However, demand weakness is worrisome.

Zacks Investment Research 2023 Mar 23
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FedEx Corp (FDX) is trading around its annual pivot at $217.88 after trading as low as $141.92 on September 27, 2022.

Forbes 2023 Mar 22
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A leading parcel industry consultant said Tuesday that he expects a contract agreement between UPS Inc. and the Teamsters union to be reached no later than June 30. The comments from Satish Jindel, president of Ship Matrix Inc., are the first from any consultant to go as far as forecasting a time frame for averting what could be a potentially devastating walkout by 350,000 UPS-employed Teamsters.

FreightWaves 2023 Mar 21
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Though FedEx's earnings fell, they were better than expected. Management said cost-cutting efforts are paying off.

The Motley Fool 2023 Mar 18
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The Yahoo Finance Live team discusses the jump in FedEx's stock after the company raised its 2023 outlook.

Yahoo Finance 2023 Mar 17
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Banks are making headlines for all the wrong reasons in the wake of what appeared to be idiosyncratic issues at the Silicon Valley Bank. Where do we go from here?

Zacks Investment Research 2023 Mar 17
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