GD stock holders 13F

2 superinvestors reported owning GD (Common Stock) according to the gurus' latest reports.

Top 2 gurus who own (GD) GENERAL DYNAMICS CORP

The 2 super investors (holders) owning GD (by the percentage (%) of portfolio) are Robert Torray - Torray Fund (5.07%) and Jim Cullen - Cullen Value Fund (3.18%) as of their latest reports.

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# of holders: 2
Period: Varies - latest report of each guru
Type: Common Stock
Jim Cullen
Robert Torray
Current price: $219.33 1.94% 2023 Q2 AVG reported hold price*: $215.15
3.37% 2022 Q3 AVG reported hold price*: $212.17

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