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Analyst Stephen Ju of Credit Suisse think Facebook is poised to grow revenue after two rounds of cost cuts.

Barrons 2023 Mar 30
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After major privacy enforcement finally hit Meta's tracking ads business in Europe earlier this year, the tech giant has confirmed it will be changing the legal basis it claims for microtargeting users in the region. It's still not going to ask people for their up-front consent to its data-fuelled behavioral advertising.

TechCrunch 2023 Mar 30
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Facebook owner reportedly weighing up move amid fears it could struggle to abide by new EU laws

The Guardian 2023 Mar 30
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CNBC's Julia Boorstin joins 'TechCheck' to discuss Meta struggling to meet the mark with its Metaverse ambitions, Meta investing in A.I. development, and the call from tech leaders for a pause on A.I. system advancement.

CNBC Television 2023 Mar 29
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Meta Platforms (NASDAQ: META ) is all-in on the metaverse and its revenue-generating potential. Maybe you're not on board with this, but you ought to be.

InvestorPlace 2023 Mar 29
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With doom and gloom being forecast, why are market participants keeping so positive?

Zacks Investment Research 2023 Mar 29
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The state of Arkansas has sued TikTok, its parent ByteDance, and Facebook-parent Meta over claims the companies' products are harmful to users, in the latest effort by public officials to take social media companies to court over mental-health and privacy concerns.

CNN Business 2023 Mar 29
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Italy's top commercial broadcaster MFE-Mediaforeurope said on Wednesday its unit Mediaset had partnered up with Facebook owner Meta Platforms to fight online piracy.

Reuters 2023 Mar 29
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It can be tempting to look for big winners by scraping the bottom of the barrel, but what's left down there is typically a collection of stocks to avoid. Occasionally there's a diamond in the rough, but the old adage “what goes down must come up” doesn't always apply.

InvestorPlace 2023 Mar 28
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The state of Arkansas is suing Meta and TikTok, alleging the social media platforms have deceived consumers—specifically children—about the content available on their social media apps.

Forbes 2023 Mar 28
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