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Aurora Innovation (NASDAQ: AUR), and Uber Freight have announced the expansion of their autonomous pilot with a new commercial lane between Fort Worth and El Paso. The 600-mile lane across Texas was launched in October and is supporting Uber Freight customers as they prepare for the 2022 holiday season.

Green Stock News 2022 Dec 02
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According to the consumer trend forecasts, ube, a purple yam that has played a central part in Filipino food culture for more than four centuries, will be a huge global hit in 2023.

Forbes 2022 Nov 30
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Uber is the market leader in ride-hailing, a business which has recovered with hypergrowth since the lockdown of 2022. The company has three strong growth engines: Mobility, Delivery and Freight which work together to produce a flywheel effect on growth.

Seeking Alpha 2022 Nov 30
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Uber's (UBER) efforts to expand its Delivery operations in response to the surge in business are impressive. However, rising expenses are concerning as they pose a threat to Uber's bottom line.

Zacks Investment Research 2022 Nov 29
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Uber's expanding set of services makes it attractive to both drivers and consumers.

The Motley Fool 2022 Nov 25
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The inventor of Uber's dynamic pricing is investing in startup Sauce that raises prices on online orders during peak hours.

Business Insider 2022 Nov 24
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Uber is seeing continued growth in the post-pandemic era, which is good news for investors. The mobility business is making a strong comeback from pandemic woes at a time when delivery growth is slowing.

Seeking Alpha 2022 Nov 23
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Uber followed up a history-making second quarter with yet another quarter of positive free cash flows. The performance of the Eats/Delivery division has made a mockery of its skeptics.

Seeking Alpha 2022 Nov 19
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Deirdre Bosa reports Uber's fourth quarter earnings results. The company lost $6 billion dollars, but the CFO says it's on track to achieve profitability in 2021.

CNBC Television 2022 Nov 19
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Uber announced Tuesday it is acquiring alcohol-delivery service Drizly for $1.1 billion in stock and cash. Uber CEO Dara Khosrowshahi and Drizly CEO Cory Rellas join "Squawk on the Street" to discuss the deal.

CNBC Television 2022 Nov 19
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