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Howard Schultz has stepped down as interim CEO of Starbucks, handing the reins to incoming CEO Laxman Narasimhan a couple weeks earlier than previously expected.

GeekWire 2023 Mar 20
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“As I turn Starbucks over to you now, know that you have my utmost confidence, trust and love."

New York Post 2023 Mar 20
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The transition of power from interim CEO Howard Schultz comes at a volatile time for the company.

Barrons 2023 Mar 20
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Since I started researching Costco I see my investing strategy has shifted from only seeking undervalued companies to picking true compounders. The margin of safety is not linked only to price, but to the quality of a business.

Seeking Alpha 2023 Mar 15
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Starbucks has a winning track record and a bright future. Dutch Bros is a smaller and riskier bet with more potential upside.

The Motley Fool 2023 Mar 15
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Starbucks reported solid first quarter results and high growth for its North America segment, while China is lagging. For the next three years, management is expecting earnings per share to grow between 15% and 20% annually, but we see dark clouds on the economic horizon.

Seeking Alpha 2023 Mar 15
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After a 13% growth over the last six months, at the current price of around $99 per share, we believe Starbucks stock (NASDAQ: SBUX), the world's leading roaster, marketer, and retailer of specialty coffee worldwide is appropriately priced.

Forbes 2023 Mar 14
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Starbucks (SBUX) benefits from robust North America comps, expansion efforts and digital efforts.

Zacks Investment Research 2023 Mar 13
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SBUX has intensely focused on the Chinese market over the past few years, which has bit them with the country's slow return from COVID. That headwind should shift into a tailwind into the back half of this year, and SBUX has proven resilient pricing power across the board.

Seeking Alpha 2023 Mar 13
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US coffee giant Starbucks has seen its first set of limited edition NFTs, consisting of a collection of 2,000 digital “Stamps,” sold out in minutes despite the overall sour market conditions.

24/7 Wall Street 2023 Mar 10
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